2016, are you that busy?

bismillah assalamualaikum.


as this is my first blog in this 2016, I would like to try write it in English. One of the major reason is, last week my Research Methodology lecturer said, many fresh graduate fail to get a job because they cannot talk, write, and cannot even understand English very well ( I know it is all Rezeki from Allah , but i'm saying this according to what researcher found) , so he advised us to think, talk,write,post,read and do everything in English.

Alright! here we go.

there were few people ask me about my blog (only one or two people actually, huhu),

-why you didn't write anything this year?  hah, what happen to your blog? and another similar question.

First, I feel very happy because I knew someone read my post and follow my 20 cent story!

second, I feel ashamed. Am I that busy compared with others?  I said I want to improve my writing yet I didn't do anything. and many other thought that come into my mind.

actually I do think to quit posting in blog cause I am not a good writer and I cannot write as fast as other blogger (or as fast as I talk) . I need some specific time and space to write. I take quite long time to think what should I write and what if people feel bored on my story and other things like that.

furthermore, for your information, my last post was around my final exam last semester and from what I observe, I will write if I am at the campus. yea in uia.

you know why this happen?

because, when I am in holiday or semester break, my time will be divided into 3; family, friends (some old friends) and organization( which I join as support group or mentoring club during holiday, so I didn't waste my time and try to gain as much experiences as I can). it is way too different when i'm in campus which my time will be divide only into two section; study and organization.

when I am at home, I couldn't sit in front of my laptop for a long time even if I say I have work to do because for them(my parent) this is the time you should help them, talk with them (both my parent are doing business, so sometimes they have lots of time at home ,and sometimes it happen when i went back home or maybe they allocate the time for me when I said I have sem break.) and on weekend I will go out for mentoring program.

at the same time my old classmate keep texting and calling me and ask to meet because we are not studying in the same place and its like tradition since sem 1 to meet in sem break to share stories and of course to strengthen our ukhwah.

so that are my story why i couldn't write anything since last year. (boring kan)

okay till we meet again, if you find any mistake in my writing, do comment to correct it.
thank you for reading.
(i couldn't  think any point in my head to write longer,sorry, i'll try to improve it sooner or later)inshaAllah


  1. Ambil na.....k english fully 😂😂😂

    1. huhu.. i use simple english and why not u try to write in arabic (simple2 aje ye) so that we can learn language through this ..inshaAllah


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